Welcome to the Geneva Institute!

Welcome to the Geneva Institute!

A Philosophical - Religious, Educational Society and a Natural Health and Healing Ministry

The Geneva Institute International is a private membership church ministry, dedicated to teaching mankind how to physically and spiritually survive in these tumultuous times. Today, mankind faces many challenges: spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial. When it comes to spiritual questions, a typical concern is "Why am I here?" Is there a reason for my existence? If God is a loving God, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Why is my life such a living Hell? Does God have a plan for me? If so, what is it?

Am I unlucky? Cursed? Why?

Our ministry message is simple. We encourage a return to the laws of God, the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, the basic foundation of many religions.

We must all remember first and foremost that we are all children of the ONE God.

There is no room for racial division! We are all spiritual energy beings inhabiting a body. Our body is a temple of the living God that we inhabit for a brief period of time while in the earth school. We are here on planet Earth for a reason. The reason we are here is to understand the reason we are here, to learn the lessons we are here to learn, so we can graduate from this "school of life" and return to our Creator. We are all one people under God, trying to live our life in peace and harmony with each other. We all have the same needs, spiritual, physical, and emotional. We are all the same! We must treat each other with love and respect.

Jesus came here on a mission from God, to teach one primary lesson: that God is One, Universal Divine love, and He loves each and every one of us; that we are all brothers and sisters in the Christ spirit, in God; that we must learn to love, respect and take care of each other. That is our mission from the Creator; that is our mission in life on this earth: To learn to love. To be loving. To not learn this lesson is a great sin. To better understand your reason for being, read The Answer and other writings found on this site.

If you have not found the answers you seek in your spiritual journey, perhaps we can help provide you some answers to your questions that may make sense, help guide you to a path with which you will feel more comfortable. We are all children of God on a spiritual journey through this school of life, and it is not an easy journey.


A great teacher once said: “One of the best ways to deal with your life journey is to imagine you are on a raft going down a river. You will have a peaceful, beautiful trip, so enjoy the ride. Go with the flow. Occasionally, there will be rapids, turbulence, and your ride will be difficult, but you will make it through those rough spots. You will then again enjoy the beautiful, smooth, peaceful sections of the river that follow. Life is like your ride down the river. So, just relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride. Trust that God will guide you along the way, no matter how difficult things seem to be at the time.”

Once you realize you are an energy being, a spirit, in a physical body temporarily, here in this dimension (one of many dimensions) for a short period of time (when compared to eternity), and the spirit, the energy being, survives death, life will never be the same for you again. If you have not left your physical body while you are alive, you need to experience that!

Once you have that experience, you will know that you are not your body. You are a spiritual, energy being in a body… and that you survive death, and death will never be a concern to you ever again. You will enjoy life so much more; you will live your life more fully. To learn to leave your body and travel the multi-universes of God, the multi-dimensions of God, you must learn the process, which will be available to our members.

When mankind realizes that Jesus came here on a mission from God, to teach one primary lesson: That God is One, that God is Universal Divine Love and He loves each and every one of us. We are all brothers and sisters in the Christ spirit, in God and we must all learn to love and respect and take care of each other. When mankind learns this important teaching from Christ, the human race, all humanity, will start seeing peace on earth and good will toward men.

That is our mission from the Creator! That is our mission in life while on this earth. That is our ministry mission. To help others to understand this message. and much more.

Please read our Mission Statement: When you become a member of the Geneva Institute International Ministry, you will be helping us to fund life-saving, natural health and healing center projects around the country and around the world.

With a $25 or greater donation to the Geneva Institute International Ministry, we will provide each new member upon request with a special report on how to arrange for a tax-free, insured savings program that will be available to help pay for the costs of a critical or chronic disease or nursing home stay. If you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, or a stroke or have to go into a nursing home, you will have money available to pay for treatment options or for any other financial need. This invaluable report is available to all new members.

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The Geneva Institute is an educational, philosophical, nonprofit, natural healing and health ministry in Central California dedicated to ongoing research and education in global health and wellness as well as the battle against negative thinking, aging and disease. The Geneva Institute and this site are dedicated to our wonderful and brave daughter, Geneva Blumenthal, who has been fighting a rare genetic disease much of her life.

Geneva became our foster child at the age of 15. We soon became her legal guardians, adopting her in 1983 when she was 18 years old. When Geneva was age 15, she suffered from painful mouth lesions, arthritic pains, debilitating flu-like illnesses, swollen and spotted tonsils every two weeks. At age 20, after years of doctors’ visits and medical testing, Geneva was diagnosed with a rare form of a genetically-based cancer-like illness, chronic/cyclic ideopathic neutropenia, and she continues to suffer with this disease to this day. The question is why is SHE still alive when most other neutropenics die long before age 35?

Because we have seen our loved ones and close friends suffer and die from cancer and other diseases, and we have witnessed Geneva’s trials due to her disease, we became very interested in disease, its causes and cures. We began to research cancer and other critical and chronic diseases and came upon the teachings of Dr. Max Gerson who discovered the cure for many cancers and other critical and chronic diseases in the 1930s.

In the book A Cancer Therapy, Results of 50 Cases, A Summary of 30 Years Clinical Experimentation, by Max Gerson M.D., (original copyright 1958, first published by Whittier Books, NYC), the reader will learn that often traditional healing methods simply do not work as well as other natural, God-created alternatives.

In the 1950s, the American Medical Association and American Cancer Society denounced Dr. Max Gerson for using nutrition as part of a comprehensive treatment for cancer. Later, in the 1980s, the American Cancer Society issued dietary guidelines for reducing the risk of developing cancer, a diet remarkably similar to the Gerson recommended diet (Nature’s Impact Oct./Nov. 1998, p. 47, by Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., R.D., C.N.S.). In 1982, the Congressionally-appointed panel of experts, the National Academy of Sciences, issued their book, Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer. In it they state, “Spread the good news that cancer is not as inevitable as death and taxes.” ( Even 2,000 years ago Chinese texts said that an immoderate diet increases the risk of esophageal cancer.” This is not new knowledge!)

With metabolic healing by the Gerson and other therapies, it has been shown that even presumably genetic cancers (like Geneva’s) may possibly be curable.

The genes may well predispose a person to weakness of the liver and/or the immune system, but the damage may be reversible naturally given the correct conditions.

We learned in subsequent research that other holistic health doctors, teachers, and groups support Dr. Gerson when it comes to healing many diseases using nutrition. Organic raw food and juice nutrition, in combination with detoxification of the colon and liver to rebuild the body and strengthen the immune system, helps in the healing process. Research shows that to avoid or eliminate cancer, a healthy diet is critical, a diet of 80% multi-colored fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on green vegetables. The more raw foods, the better. The greener, the better. Cooking foods destroys critical enzymes!


Most Americans are physically toxic and are essentially starving to death, even though they may have a full stomach. Daily, they eat foods that are killing them committing suicide by fork! What are the best foods to recover and maintain health? What should you eat or not eat? What are the best ways to detoxify the body? Do you have a toxic liver? A toxic colon? What are your chances of developing cancer? Are you deficient in enzymes? You need to know the answers to these important questions! If you have a health challenge, you need to learn the safest, best, and most natural treatment. The best-known treatment options may not be the best options for you.